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Microsoft, You’re shooting yourselves in the foot.

Posted on October 10, 2012  in Copyright, Games, Microsoft, YouTube

Before Microsoft was saying that you have to have a copyright thing at the end of your videos saying that the game belongs to them, well, that no longer applies, except for Red vs. Blue, (I think, don’t quote me on that).

Anyway, now they are saying you can no longer upload videos from games like Halo on to YouTube, because you’re promoting their game. Wow. I was watching a video from BebopVox, about this, and he is saying that they can spend thousands of dollars for advertising, or they can let the people on YouTube ┬ápromote their game, for free. Take your pick Microsoft. Well, nope, that’s what they say. They would much rather pay thousands of dollars to advertise, than let people advertise for them.

Microsoft, I call that crap. I mean it’s your decision to do that, but personally, I think you have to br out of your mind to do something like this. I was planning on buying Halo 4 if it came out on PC, but if you’re not even gonna let people upload videos of your games, then forget it, you can keep your games.

If you want to watch a video about this, here is the link: No More Let’s Players? What the HELL! – Vox of Gaming Show, by the way, that is the title of the video, so no I’m not swearing.

  • Shawn K. Hall

    Actually, copyright law is paramount to understanding Microsoft’s position on this. And it has a few exceptions – notably for review and education, which would not be subject to this new notice being posted on your videos. However, ultimately this actually relaxes the copyright for your use in order to use it with their permission. Up until now, videos that did not comply with the copyright exceptions would be forbidden in their entirety, but by placing a brief (make it display for 1 second!) frame at the beginning of your video you can use their games for pretty much anything, without obtaining permission directly from the MS lawyers or violating copyright law which could seriously cost you ($$$). It’s a minor thing, really.