Bending space and minds

About Kidwarp

Kidwarp is what children do. If we pay close attention, we can watch our kids charging at warp speed toward adulthood. Their childhood is gone before we know it.

This website was created for young people ages 8 to 14, to express themselves. They blog about their interests, in their own words. Members are not allowed to use their real names, they may post only their chosen pen name, along with their city and state (as long as it’s ok with mom and dad). They may share their age at the parents discretion.

All comments are strictly monitored by several sets of parents. Parents of members ¬†are welcome to join, pending approval. Children who don’t abide by the rules will be banned from posting. This is a kid safe zone.

While most of the members of Kidwarp are boys, girls are welcome to join, as well. Right now us girls are outnumbered by the boys. That could change at anytime.